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About Kota - Introduction
Kota city located on the eastern side of the state of Rajasthan is famous by the name of “Industrial Capital” of Rajasthan and it is at a distance of 245 kms from Jaipur situated on the National Highway No.12 and on Delhi-Mathura-Mumbai rail route. Kota city whose urban surface area is 86370 acres. In 1991 its population was 537371 which is now around 8 lakhs except the major industrial units there are hundreds of other small & large scale industrial units.

Today Kota stands on a special position from educational point of view – Medical College, Engineering College, Commerce College, Govt. College, Polytechnic College, Girls College & other private colleges are major educational institutions. Inspite the coaching institute for IIT, Medical and Engineering College entrance kota stands a good rank all over India which brings dignity to kota since last 10 years.

As far as water is concerned, kota is self-sufficient. Kota a city on the bank of the river Chambal has sufficient supply of water throughout the year due to the Kota Dam. It is one of the city with longest water supply and also the Dam provides water for irrigation purposes.

According to master plan for Kota, the major responsibility for improvement is of the UIT.

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